Lady Who Called Selly Galley A Barren And Horrible Woman Drops Suicide Note

Yesterday a lady called Henewaa Piesie went viral after she described famous TV show host Selly Galley as a barren and horrible woman.

Selly Galley who was hurt by the lady’s comment cursed her and called on God to return every pain and bitterness she has been through in abundant folds for the lady.

Some audios were circulating that had the lady in question asking for forgiveness from Selly through her husband.

It appears she was serious about it.

In a new post on her Instagram handle she has stated that the world has become dark for her an she can’t live anymore. Despite saying she can’t live anymore, she made the comment with a laughing emoji, a clear indication that she doesn’t mean what she is saying but just making fun of Selly’s curses.


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