Lady storms ex-boyfriend’s wedding ceremony with female gangs, scatter the venue as her friends throw bottles [video]

The act of men dumping their ex-girlfriends to marry someone else at the end of a long relationship has been one of many women’s problems and this has been going on for a while now.

Most often, men decide to use their ex-girlfriend’s money to marry a different woman but this woman seems to have been tired of this cheating attitude of men as she creates a scene with her gang.

A video that’s rapidly going viral on the digital space has a woman and his colleague disrupting the wedding ceremony of a gentleman who was purported to be his ex-boyfriend.

Reports suggest that the woman got the details of the wedding ceremony hence she attended with her colleague women as guests pretending to have come in peace but it took a different turn.

As the ceremony was ongoing, she sparked her actions of disrupting and started scattering everything at the ceremony which created a scene.

Her friends also joined as they were seen throwing bottles hence causing chaos at the wedding reception.

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