Lady Reveals How She Found Out Her Mother Was Pregnant For Her Boyfriend

A woman described how she found out her mother was carrying her boyfriend’s child.

According to @Julesv0923, who shared her experience on TikTok, her mother confessed to having an affair when she was traveling to Mexico.

The woman in the video admitted that she thought she was going to have a sibling but was stunned to learn that the father of the child was her then-boyfriend.

See how netizens reacted;

zakarieeshat3 wrote; Now I know that family isn’t just by blood like wtf

beefairyfabrics commented; Be giving us full gist next time so we will know how to react, which one is stay tuned for part 2🙄🙄 Does this mean I have to suspend my reaction😏

sharon_jasmyne had this to say: To have responsible parents is a huge blessing 👏👏

drew_ezemarcel wrote; Same thing happened here in UK couple of years ago even worse because the man in question was dating mother and the daughter, the woman kept her affairs with the daughters boyfriend a secret until she became pregnant. When their entanglements got exposed, the man and woman later moved in together and they had the baby. What a world.

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