Lady Returns Ring To Man A Day After Accepting The Marriage Proposal

The lovers are believed to be in a relationship for four years and still counting. 

The young man who’s certain this lady is the one he wanted to settle down with, proposed marriage with a promise ring which the lady accepted.

She accepted the ring on Sunday which happens to be her birthday but to the shock of many, she returned the ring on Monday, the following day after accepting the proposal.

According to information, her excuse is that, she’s not yet ready to settle down.

The narrator writes “The girl was proposed to yesterday Sunday being her birthday, she accepted the ring only to return it on Monday morning with the reason that she’s not ready to settle down now. After 4 years of relationship nd the guy has been sponsoring her education nd was also taking care of her bills nd all her family for 4 solid years”

After four years of dating, the man had been paying for her education, her bills, and her entire family for four years straight.

The girl was proposed to on her birthday, which was yesterday, Sunday. She accepted the ring but gave it back on Monday morning, citing her lack of readiness for marriage at the time.

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