Lady Advises Guys On The Best Place To Start A Conversation With A Girl On Social Media

A lady on social media has given guys a hint on the best place to start a conversation with a lady while on social media.

This social media user made this known in a recent post she made on the popular social media platform, Facebook.

According to her, many guys get it wrong when they storm the inbox of ladies they like thinking it is the best place to start a conversation.

Revealing this secret to guys, she wrote;

“The best place to start a conversation with a Girl is the comment section. NOT her INBOX. build relationship in the comments before. Thank me later❤️”

The post she made got some lovely reactions from social media users and below are some of these reactions;

Janet Nana Yaa Adiepena – Some of us don’t mind whether inbox or Comment..just don’t be boring. Flow don’t be doing hello hi hello hi can i ask you a question?are you single ? Can i get your WhatApp number

Glee NaNahemaa – Oh me I don’t mind oo I will reply if I want to.. but self put put di33 sometimes it some way😹😹😹

Rich Craft – I post, comment and go my way
I don’t have time to build anything biaaa
Fa wo tw3 na me nfa me koti

Candygal Jagaban – Oo this is really true 🤪🤪🤪🤪I have a lot of friends I’ve never met before as a result of some of my silly comments.

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