Kanye West set to pay college tuition for George Floyd’s Daughter.

The Billionaire in his quest to assist in the the fight against racism is donating millions to victims.

Kanye West is giving huge assist to the families and legal teams of Ahmed Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.

The multiple award winning rapper and business mogul has so far donated $2million to the victims and a set up of 529 college savings to fully cover the tuition for Floyd’s 6 year old daughter Gianna.

Gearge Floyd was a victim of a gruesome murder in the city of Minneapolis when 4 armed police officers forced him on the ground with one kneeling on his neck. He pleaded and begged for a space to breathe and water but they ignored him till he died.

His death has caused an uproar in the black community who are seeking justice. This has led to many protest across many cities in the United States. Celebrities and top government officials have also condemned the act.

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