Justice4Izu: Young man commit suicide after Lady falsely accused him of Rape .

Social Media trends has been taken over the #justice4izu after a young man committed suicide after being falsely accused of rape by an anonymous lady.

The young man was identified as Madubueze Izuchukwu but was popularly known on Twitter as Izu.


An anonymous lady with the username @nanichianese released a fairytale list of rapist which got the trends and among such list was the name of Izu.


Izu upon seeing that tried to clear his name saying he doesn’t know anything about the act but some social media users gave him the worst day of his life by trolling him.

Not been able to withstand the trolls and insults, Izu took his life after he posted something that has everyone thinking.

He posted

The account of the anonymous lady has being deactivated but we saw a caption on her Instagram handle which seems she deliberately did that for clout.

In recent weeks, it seems some ladies are weaponizing rape allegations and making false accusations on innocent people just because they didn’t get what they want.

Social Media users are asking the government to make it a crime which is punishable by law.

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