Jealous husband storms hospital and beats doctor for telling his wife her skin is beautiful

A viral video making rounds on the internet details how a man from Siberia allowed jealousy to supersede his emotions, the byproduct of which has landed him serious trouble. According to reports, the doctor simply asked the hijab-wearing Muslim woman to show him her elbows, stomach and back while discharging his duties although he never went beyond his ethical operations. After checking her, he told her that there were no problems, adding “the skin is beautiful” and being a Muslim, she felt awkward about the compliment and subsequently informed her husband about it.READ ALSO  Handing Over Ceremony Of 10,000 Hsopital Beds Under IPEP To The Health Ministry

This incensed the husband so much that he stormed the hospital and beat up the doctor. The dermatologist, Vladimir Zhirnokleev was diagnosed with a head injury, concussion and bruising after the assault. After the attack, dermatologist Vladimir Zhirnokleev expressed surprise and urged Muslims to learn to resolve issues amicably.

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