Instagram Slay Queen busted for stealing an iPhone 7plus from a shop – Watch Video

According to a recent video sighted on social media by, an Instagram slay queen has been arrested for attempting to steal an iPhone 7 Plus from a phone shop. 

The video which was first posted on the Instagram page of a socialite, Tunde Ednut had some angry Nigerians hooting at her and perhaps saved by the security personnel.

According to the video, she is reported to have hidden the phone in her private area but was unfortunately made when her luck eluded her and arrested henceforth.

“SEE EMBARRASSMENT: Apparently, she stole iPhone 7plus and hid it inside her “PUSSY”. She was searched and they brought it out of there. Look at her being embarrassed and led out by policemen. Okay, wait! Let’s say this again, when we see our known politicians that have stolen our money, we will be shouting “Chairman sir, you are too much”.

This is where we have strength. We have the strength to fight, burn poor thieves that can’t fight back abi? However, you treat the poor thieves is how the thieves in high places should be treated. All in all, stealing is not good Ooo!” Tunde stated.

Very embarrassing!

Watch Video Here:

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