Inspiring The Unsung: Akua Creamy Set To Direct New Show.

Known in real life as Gloria Saahene-Britwum, Akua Creamy is a versatile entertainer who has been in the creative space for quite sometime.

Akua Creamy is a comic actress, content creator, MC, TV Host and Photographer who has been with the GHG brand for close to 5 years and is gradually garnering a lot of knowledge around the Creative space.

She has been given the mantle to direct a new show which is poised to inspire the unsung creatives in the entertainment space.The show, dubbed “Inspiring The Unsung” is set to host great Industry people that are contributing a lot to the growth of the music industry to inspire upcoming creatives as they aim for the their respective spotlight. This is powered by GhG . Follow her on all social media at Akua Creamy.

The official handle of @weareghg wrote,

“Inspiring The Unsung

Our music industry has some very influential people who form the creation of a successful artist. These people are mostly known only among industry people but are contributing a lot to the growth of the music industry.
As GhG is determined to empower the unsung artists, we have taken it upon ourselves to get some words of empowerment from such people.
Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch inspiring the unsung as we raise the souls of the broken with words never told.

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Powered by GhG”

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