Indian Woman kills one-month-old daughter as she wanted a baby boy instead.

Tragic moment as a woman allegedly killed her one-month-old daughter because she wants a baby boy instead.

The accused has been identified as Sarita, who gave birth to the baby girl a month ago.

The incident took place in the Khajuri village of Bhopal district. The matter came to light during the investigation by police into the mysterious demise of the baby girl, whose body was found in a drum filled with water.

According to a report in Times of India, police have now filed murder charges against the 25-year-old woman. Police said the woman killed the baby as she wanted to have a baby boy. Since the birth of the girl, the woman wasn’t happy and allegedly hated the baby.

The woman was married to Sachin Mewada, a resident of Dehariya Kalan, about 14-month ago.

“On Wednesday, Sarita was alone with her newborn daughter Kinjal. She suddenly came out of the house saying Kinjal had gone missing. Her in-laws were sitting in the courtyard and her husband had gone to his farm,” the report quoted Sub-Inspector LD Mishra as saying.

Police said they initially suspected that the baby was killed or taken away by an animal. Cops searched the baby everywhere including the farms but to no avail.

Finally, the police went to the house of the accused and searched every corner of the house. Later, the girl’s body was found in a 50-litre drum filled with water. Police also found Sarita’s behaviour suspicious. Even after losing her child, Sarita was sitting calmly.

According to family members, the woman was under the influence of occult practices and was getting treated by a with-doctor for alleged evil spirits. The woman’s in-laws also told police that Sarita was not happy with the birth of the baby girl and wanted a baby boy.

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