‘I Like All Kinds Of Women Providing She’s Good Looking’ – Kwame Yogot

Ghanaian rapper, Kenneth Kyeremateng, well known as Kwame Yogot has revealed his preferences when it comes to selecting a suitor for life.

Speaking in an interview with Bongo Defaraa on Okay FM’s Ekwansodwodwo segment, Kwame Yogot revealed that he is interested in all kinds of women.

He stated that whether the woman is heavily endowed at the front region or with a humongous backside, he doesn’t mind giving his heart to her as long as she is good-looking.

Well, most men have their own preferences when it comes to selecting their suitors. Some prefer looks over the body while others prefer body over looks. Others also prefer to have all in one woman but Kwame Yogot says he loves all kinds of women.

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