Road Divided Into Two Parts After Heavy Downpour.

We have chanced upon a video that captured the moment a bridge was divided into two due to the heavy downpour.

The video has attracted some comments from social media users and voices heard in the video suggested that the rain also pulled down the wall of a building.

Some reactions the video has gotten so far are;

@MaameAmaAdoma – Sometimes I wonder if the big people don’t see such videos Eei. Cos they act like they don’t see anything ooo.

@paano_wuraba – But still them go build cathedral. God have mercy on this continent and it’s leaders

@KwekuTetteh1 – I’m not sure the God who created the arab and the westerner leaders is the same who created the black leaders

@Quojo___ – Make the rain tear. Dem go forget all these until next year raining season.

@heiscompton – Ah Chale… no worry once they finish with the cathedral we all go go inside then pray. Things like this would be solved within some minutes

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