I Drive To Legon Campus To ‘Eat’ Students With Big Backside – Married Man Reveals

As he strives to reconcile with himself, a married Ghanaian man who now feels embarrassed about his disgusting act has told the narrative of his daring lifestyle.

According to the married man, he has been having extramarital affairs for years, with all of his affairs taking place with women who have large bums.

To seek forgiveness for himself, he told his experience to the Facebook group Anonymous Confessions of Ghanaian Wome. He said the only thing that drives him to cheat on his wife is his large bum.

He stated that, despite the fact that his wife has a large bortos, which is the major reason he married her, he simply cannot ignore a large backside

“Now I am 38 years. I drive to Legon campus and just get the students with big äss for sëx. I take care of many of them and eat them on the side. My wife doesn’t suspect cos I have a whole different phone for that. I don’t even bring that phone home. It is always in the office and locked. Problem is, after I knäck the same girl for some time, I want to try a new one, a portion of his confession read

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