Nigerian Lady Calls Of Wedding Because Fiancé Refused To Fly Her Family Members To The Location.

A woman who believed her wealthy fiance could afford to book a flight for her entire family to attend her wedding this weekend but refused to do so has called off the wedding. 

The incredible event was relayed on Twitter by the man’s friend, who stated emphatically that his friend cannot throw money away like that. 

According to the article, the bride-to-be reportedly asked her man to buy a plane ticket for every member of her family so that they may attend the wedding, which is set to take place on May 8, 2022. 

The lady was dissatisfied and canceled the wedding after the man stated that it was not financially smart to embark on such a road. 

“My guys wedding is on the 8th of May,” Austin added. His future wife requested that he purchase flights for her family members to attend their wedding. The man stated that he did not have that type of money to squander. She called off the wedding. 

“Man escaped with his life.”

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