Tips On How To Play With The Nipple of Your Man.

Male nipples are often overlooked when it comes to sex but they play a very important role.

Nipples! People of all genders have them, but when it comes to sex and pleasure, the focus is normally laid on women’s nipples only. So let’s dive into the less commonly explored world of male nipples, including the common misconceptions, tips and tricks and the orgasmic potential.

The most common misconception about male nipples is that they are not as sensitive as women’s nipples. This is simply not true.

In fact, some men need nipple stimulation in order to come or to be able to come more quickly or intensely.

One 2018 study found 52% of men ages 18 to 22 found nipple stimulation sexually arousing, whether enhancing arousal or actually triggering it.

Male nipple play techniques to try:


Brushing the nipples lightly with the tips of your fingers can feel extremely pleasurable. You can vary the pressure as you see how your partner responds.


Squeeze between the thumb and forefinger, and gently yank them toward you.


Licking can be a surefire hit. Experiment with making your tongue hard and soft, and vary the pressure, speed, and direction. Start by kissing around the chest, and work your way to the nipple. You can take the nipple between your lips and kind of “make out” with it. Check to see how your partner responds.


The technique that you might use to suck someone’s clit can be transferred pretty seamlessly over to a nipple. Create a small vacuum around the nipple and then run your tongue over it. Good stuff.

Can men orgasm from nipple play?

In the same way that some women can orgasm from nipple play alone, some men are capable of the same phenomenon.

For some men, there is a direct link between the nerves in their nipples and sensations in their penis.

Men can get an erection from nipple play and might even orgasm from nipple stimulation alone.

To make this type of orgasm happen, you’ll likely have to find the sensation patterns that your partner feels most aroused by and then be willing to stick with those for a while.

A nipplegasm may take longer than it would if he was getting direct stimulation to his penis and his nipples at the same time.

Some men will like a variety of stimulation, while others will need one type of stimulation for a while. In order to get his perfect combo, ask him to show you how he touches his own nipples or how he might like you to touch them.

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