Check Out 4 Reasons Why You Should Not Engage In Anal Intimacy With Your Partner-[CHECK OUT]

Some people may engage in anal intimacy which involves inserting a s£x toy, or a man inserting his private organ into a woman’s anus. Engaging in anal intimacy has a lot of risks. It is important to know that the anus does not have any form of natural lubrication, and this can cause bruises or […]

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Old Man’s Pen!s Erəcted Forever After Uɤɨnating On Komfo Anokye’s Sacred Shrine; Watch Viral Video

The manh00d of a man has Erəcted without cooling down after Uɤɨnating at a sacred place at the Komfo Anokye shrine. The action of the man and its related consequence has attracted hundreds of people to the Komfo Anokye shrine in Awukugwa. Videos from the scene show the man with the Erəcted manh00d in his […]

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