I Chopped My Aunty’s Husband Before They Got Married; It’s Hunting Me Now -Woman Reveals.

A 24-year-old Ghanaian lady who for security reasons pleaded to be anonymous has revealed how her uncle forcibly had sexual relations with her. When she was about 17 years old and in secondary school, he kept persuading her into having sex with him but she refused. After his persistence, she allowed him to lick her […]

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Viral Video of JHS Students Doing Bad Things Inside Classroom While Teacher Around Causes A Stir [WATCH VIDEO]

The purpose of sharing these videos is for parents and guardians to see what some of their wards do when they are sent to school to study. There has been a massive stir on the information superhighways, as a new video of JHS students captured doing bad things made its way onto the internet. The […]

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