Check Out 6 Amazing Things You Do Not Know About Orgasm-[CHECK OUT]

Perceived as the apogee of sexual pleasure, experienced alone or in a couple, acquired or even coveted, orgasm is a physiological mechanism full of mystery. What would be its benefits? Under what unusual circumstances can it arise? PasseportSanté tells you more about orgasm. 1. Orgasm makes you more talkative Orgasm causes the release of oxytocin […]

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“I Will Give IGP Blowjob When Am Arrested”; Popular Slay Queen Boldly Declares

Just when we thought the Kasoa Slay Queen had learnt a lesson from her insubordinate deed which surfaced online and got tongues negatively wagging towards her, she has once again disclose another profane act she intends doing in the near future. This Slay queen, popularly known as little mermaid who was obviously mocked and condemned within the […]

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