Woman Slaps Man At Stadium, He Replies With Uppercut That Makes Her Boyfriend Pass Out.

man beat couple.x51728
man beat couple.x51728

A video has surfaced online showing how one black guy beat up a white man and his girlfriend (or probably his wife) at the stadium. 

The woman could be seen arguing with the man who sat in front of her at Heinz Field, in Pittsburgh before slapping him in the face.

What started as a little misunderstanding soon escalated to a full-blown fight fraught with heavy punches and heckling with spectators at the stadium doing little to separate the combatants.

During the argument, the woman can be heard yelling “Get the f**k out,” as she touched his shoulder.

He then replied; “Don’t touch me,” and pushes her hand away, prompting the slap.

The woman’s husband who was seated next to her intervenes, but both are punched by the man who’d been slapped in the ensuing fisticuffs.

The guy momentarily passed out and it was at this juncture that the spectators came in to separate the volatile confrontation.

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