“God Is Not Against Sex Before Marriage” – Pastor Endorses Act

Ghanaian Apostle, who goes by the name Tetebremu Kennedy Afreh Poku, has strongly encouraged that people have sex before marriage, insisting that God is not against the act. Interviewed on Ghana’s number one adult show ‘In Bed with Adwen’ which airs on eTV Ghana, he told host, Adwen the Love Doctor that God exempted Himself […]

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80-Year-Old Man Dies While Ch0pping His 33-Year-Old Girlfriend In A Hotel.

David Mluli, an 80-year old man has been reportedly died while having sex with his 33-year old girlfriend in a hotel in Dar es Salam in Tanzania. CLICK HERE TO WATCH TRENDING VIDEO This unfortunate incident happened on Sunday, 16 January 2021 in room number 22 at Mbezi Garden Hotel in Dar es Salaam, where he had gone […]

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“The government’s failure to pay us our salaries is forcing us into Prostitution” Nurses to government

CLICK HERE TO WATCH TRENDING VIDEO A group of nurses demonstrating in a viral video were heard saying that non-payment of salary has forced them to ‘sell their bodies’ for money. They are hence appealing to the government to pay them arrears of salaries owed because they are tired of selling their bodies for money […]

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