Lady with “double V@gina” causes massive stir online

After defying all odds when doctors claim she can’t conceive, mother of one narrates her story. The lady identified as Elizabeth Amoa stated that she was diagnosed with uterus didelphys after battling with various diseases. WATCH TRENDING VIDEO HERE: Uterus Didelphys means one with 2 cervixes, two v@g¡na and two wombs. The person will have severe pains such […]

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Thug slaughters lover’s children after he was introduced to them as their stepdad.

A thug slaughtered his lover’s two children and hospitalised her, turning a sauna into a bloodbath after he was introduced as their stepdad. The surviving mum Lyudmila Strelchuk, 35, remains in a “grave” condition in hospital, with doctors yet to tell her that her children are dead, say reports. WATCH TRENDING VIDEO HERE: Vasil Tsekh, 30, has […]

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The sad story of how Ex-Army General’s Daughter Was Raped And Killed By Her Facebook Friends

Web-based media must be perhaps the most perilous spots to be in the 21st century. Many accept that the medium has gotten more negative than positive the lives of people. There have been bunches of anecdotes about how individuals met somebody on Facebook or Instagram yet they get blackmailed or assaulted or even slaughtered by […]

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