Horny Married Woman begs Young Man to come for a one night stand – [See Leaked Chat]

A horny married woman’s extra-marital affair has been exposed as screenshots of her chats with her young lover have hit social media. The scandalous woman from the chat could be seen begging this young man to spend a couple of nights with her. Social media is amazed at how the woman disparages her husband calling […]

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“My T0t0 Is Very Sweet, Any Man Who Tastes Can’t Move Away” – Slay Queen Reveals

According to this Actress and s-x therapist, every man who tastes her “meatpie” would stick to her because it tastes great and she’s heavenly gifted with killer s..exx moves. Mama Lege as fondly called warned women to upgrade their “tonga” else should forget about having their men all by themselves. In an interview with Adepa […]

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Family left in tears as 2 large dogs eat up their 4-year-old boy

The Police department in South Africa’s Gugulethu town is researching to disentangle the conditions that prompted the mauling of a 4-year-old kid by two dogs belonging to his parents’ neighbors. The deceased toddler identified by Milani was reportedly attacked by the dogs when he tried to retrieve a ball while playing rugby with friends at home on Sunday. Reports […]

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