I’m Sorry – Prodigal Son Addi Self begs Shatta Wale on his knees.

Jaffaro Mohamed who’s known in the music scene as Addi Self has apologize to Shatta Wale on live TV during an interview.

Shatta Wale announced the dismissal of militant through a favebook live video some few days ago.

Angry Shatta Wale said his militant are lazy and wack and of no quality use because he wrote every line their lyrics in all songs.

“Prodigal Son” Addi Self-made this apology via an interview on HSTV saying he never meant to hurt the SM Boss.

“you know I am very sorry for what I have done. I know I hurt you and I am very sorry. I am ready for us to amend things and work together, you know 4Lyf is 4Lyf” he said.

Should Shatta Wale forgive him and take him back?

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