I’m putting up a mansion with my own money, Not a Papa No – Salma Mumin

The Actress cum entepreneur Salma Mumin in the wake of the ‘Papa No’ saga has come out to declare that she is currently putting uo a mansion with her own money.

Since actress Tracey Boakye’s outburst, a lot of things and hidden secret of some celebrities have come up and we suspect Salma might be scared to be linked to a big man soon hence her declaration.

Speaking in an interview with Neat FM’s Ola Michael, Salma said that her bankers would bear her witness to what she was saying.

According to her, she was building her own house and had to be going to the bank to sign off cheques that were later cashed and pumped into her building project.

When asked by Ola Michael how she came to be driving to a new car, Salma indicated that she bought the car with her own money as well.

According to her, the Range Rover she was driving was giving her problems so she decided to sell it to buy a new car.

She even sorts of took offence in Ola Michael’s line of question and wondered if a woman had to depend on a man for everything.

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