I’m Not Ashamed Of The Fact That I Have Slept With Over 100 Men – Abena Korkor

Ghana’s unofficial most controversial female celeb, Abena Korkor has returned to muddy her stinky water once again by insisting that she has slept with over 100 men and that’s nothing she is ashamed of.

The former Girls Circle host on leading TV station TV3 revealed on Ofie Kwanso on Adom FM that if men could inflate their ego by telling their friends the number of girls they have slept with, she can equally trumpet freely the number of men she has slept without bowing her head down in time like our culture prescribes.

She also revealed why she aborted her pregnancy with one of the men she had intercourse with. Amongst other things, the famed social media influencer and mental health advocate stated thus;

“If a man doesn’t love me or respect me, I will never have any child with you. I won’t force pregnancy on a man who doesn’t want me or my pregnancy, so I had an abortion at that time.

I don’t wanna be a mother for just any man. Women tend to trap rich and prestigious men with babies just so they continue enjoying the glory. But for me I will never have a child with any man for that reason, never. If you don’t value me, it is needless to carry your child.

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