“I’m desperate to get married before turning 30 years” – Popular Actress Confesses

Adu Safowaa Regina who is a popular actress and television show host has made her worries known as she said she’s desperate to get married before she turns 30.

According to the award winning screen goddess, she is running out of time as she’ll be hitting the 30 mark in two years.

“…I want to get married before turning 30… I am desperate to marry and it must be before I turn 30 years old” She confessed this to Ayesha Passah on the “The A Show” airing on Tumpaani TV.

The actress who is 28 years old admitted that she is dating someone but she might be forced to push him to marry her as soon as possible.

The Popular Actress made it clear that she might even sponsor the marriage should the need arises.

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