I’ll marry you to show appreciation not because I Love you – Lady breaks heart of young man

This is a very heartbreaking story of a guy who managed to sponsor the education of his girlfriend for 5 good years.

The story which was shared on social media reveals how the guy took care of the girl for years through out her school but not knowing the girl never loved her from day one.

The lady said in the leaked conversation that she couldn’t tell the guy she didn’t love him all the while because it was his money which was keeping her in school and therefore didn’t have the right to say such a thing.

She also made it clear that though she doesn’t love him, she will be loyal to him when they get married and not cheat on him.

Below is the chat between them;

Is the girl been real to the guy or she’s just evil? Kindly drop yoir suggestions in the comments section.

DISCLAIMER: The people in the image have nothing to do with the story, just a borrowed image from the internet.

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