I’ll ch0p and impregnate Delay, have children to shame Afia Schwarz – Twene Jonas

I'll ch0p and impregnate Delay

Prior to this video, Twene Jonas had previously insulted and washed Afia Schwar with slurs for calling Delay a barren lady and teasing her with her children.

Afia Schwar evidently didn’t get the attention he wanted from Twene Jonas, so he made another hate video for her.

Twene Jonas that he is prepared to travel Delay to the United States in order to pregnant and have a kid with her in order to humiliate Afia Schwar into confessing she is not barren.

In the latest video, Twene Jonas also says that Afia Schwar should stop boasting about her twin children since they were conceived when she was prostitution.

Twene Jonas’ outrage grew as he referred to Afia Schwar as a prostitute, claiming that the loudmouth socialite is an unattractive lady who hides her inelegance with make-up since her whole face is covered in eczema.

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