If You Really Want To See World War 3, Every Nigerian Man Should Take Their First Born For DNA Test – Reno Omokri

Social media influencer, Reno Omokri who was once a presidential aide has said that Nigerians who are bothering about the Russia-Ukraine crisis metamorphosing into war should know that the real war starts when men start authenticating the paternity of their children.

Omokri stated that the real World War 3 will occur if every Nigerian man conducts DNA tests on their firstborn children which obviously means the looming conflict between Russia and Ukraine won’t be of any significance juxtaposed as regards the foregoing.

Taking to Instagram, the social commentator wrote;

I just laugh at Nigerians that are calling this Russia-Ukraine conflict World War 3. If you really want to see the real World War 3, let every first born child of all Nigerian marriages be DNA tested. The result of the DNA tests will result in the World War 3 that Nigerians are talking about.

But seriously, as Black Africans, let us learn to put things into proper perspective. Not into CNN perspective. Don’t elevate a regional conflict into a global conflict.

The Russia-Ukraine war is not a World War. The Ethiopia-Tigray war, which has killed 150,000 people, is more deserving of Africa’s focus!”

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