“I was raped severally by 32-year-Old woman when I was 12” – Young man Narrates his ordeal (Screenshot)

In this our end as Ghanaians , normally , female rape victims receive attention ,the males are ignored completely

However ,it is obvious some of these allegations have been made , unfortunately , the gender ministry hasn’t paid much attention to it

Young man identified as Benjamin Amoateng Bilson recalls his bitter experience and ordeal when he was 12.

The young wrote “I was also raped when I was 12 years and the lady was almost 32 years my mum used to travel so she gave me to her to stay with her like a week and she did that to almost 3 to 4 time within the week anytime I go to her and she told if i tell my mum she will not wash and give me food when mum is not around so i had no option

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Source: Pedawan.com

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