“I want to leave him: He is very broke” – Confused Lady States.

Due to her boyfriend’s dry pocket, a confused lady wants to leave him for someone better. She messaged popular nigerian relationship counsellor Joro Olumofin to tell him about her plans.

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Joro. My bf doesn’t have money and he is very nice. He has husbands material but just no money This year he did not buy me anything like anything.

We just left church now now, and he made us walk to the altar.

I heard him praying for me and saying God should bless our relationship for 2021 I feel bad because I don’t want to be in a relationship with him next year I feel my beauty is wasting with him. Like am really fine.

Am very fine. Am the finest in my house of my siblings I can be with richer men I don’t know how I will break up with him.

His mother sent me prayers to my WhatsApp. His father called me and ask me to make ofada stew for him.

I feel am trapped with a broke human. How can I break up with him and still be his friend.

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One thought on ““I want to leave him: He is very broke” – Confused Lady States.

  1. It’s better you see potential on hime and be his comforter because he must have money in the future see how does he think and his plans and also you advice him instead

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