“I WANT TO BE ALONE”- A Nurse Tells A Carpenter Who Supported And Paid Her Fees Throughout Her Schooling Days

Earlier today, mrfrances.com came across a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between a female nurse and her boyfriend who paid her fees and provided everything for her when she was in SHS and nursing school.

Per what we have seen and gathered, it is believed that the guy was there for the lady when she was abandoned by her family members and even provided everything this lady needed from the day she entered the nursing school till she is about to complete.

Looking at their chats, the lady who is in her final year appreciated the man for supporting her and providing for her needs but she wants to stay alone and she is no longer interested in the relationship.

The man thought the lady was joking but he later on realized that the lady mean what she was saying.

Will this girl ever find peace for leaving a man who has supported her throughout her education?

Have a look at the screenshots of their chats below:

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