I Used My Menstrual Blood to Prepare Stew For My Man for Him to Love Me More – Legon Student Drops Shocking Secrets

A Legon student has confessed to using her period Ъlood to prepare stew for her boyfriend.

A student of University of Ghana, Legon has confessed to using her period Ъlood to prepare stew for her boyfriend for him to love her.

Sharing her guilt on social media as anonymous, she said it was her friend who advised her to do that because it worked for her.

A lady, at the Volta hall of the University said based on the advice from her friend, she she washed the Ъlood from the pad and used it for the stew.

According to her though the boyfriend ate it innocently, she is living with guilt as it continues to haunt her.

The friend who gave her the advice keeps on calming her that it’s a normal thing and that the boy will stay with her forever.

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