I Sponsored Her in School: Man Whose Girlfriend of 4 Years Turned down His Proposal Tearfully Speaks

The Nigerian man who was treated to a huge embarrassment by his girlfriend during his proposal to her has spilled some secrets as regards his recent failed relationship.

Following the failed marriage proposal, the Abuja-based man created a scene at a birthday party after accosting the said lady with her new man.

In a new video explaining his action, the phone technician revealed that he had dated the lady for a period of four years.

According to the distraught man, he had attended a birthday party but surprisingly spotted the lady with her new man.

As if that wasn’t enough heartbreak to him, the man said he noticed his ex-girlfriend’s new man had a white jacket and wristwatch which belonged to him.

This infuriated him as he confronted the lady to retrieve his items. While trying to fight back tears as he spoke, the businessman stated that he actually saw the lady through school to the point that he paid all her bills down to her textbooks.

He slammed netizens for trolling him without hearing the full story

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