“I really hate it when I visit you and I say we won’t do anything & you too you sit back unconcerned” Lady says

A Ghanaian Twitter influencer, @AkhuaFlair has shared a controversial opinion on Twitter and it has generated a whole lot of convo on the micro-blogging site.

According to her, she hates it when she visits a guy and tells him she wouldn’t want to do anything and the guy too sits back.

She quizzed that can’t the guy try harder although she made it known that she was not ready to get entangled?

“I really hate it when I visit you and I say we won’t do anything, and you too you sit back unconcerned. Can’t you try harder?”, she tweeted.

She said futher that if she says harder, she means the guy should sweet talk and get her in the mood.

“If I say try harder, I mean sweet talk and play can put me in the mood. Not necessarily to force me. By the way, the insults are too much”, she wrote.

Her clarifications came about after she got blasted over her comments. Some tweeps said this is how ladies behave and when a guy touch them, they’ll later come in future and be saying they were raped.

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