“I need a serious boyfriend” – Lady Begs

“I need a serious boyfriend”

In today’s world the dating game has become more complex, and the are many platforms for single people to seek companionship.

There are many dating apps that are meant solely for the purpose of meeting people to date, however with the popular use of social media platforms, people have started using them to meet potential partners to date.

A woman who goes by the name @Thato_Pru took to twitter to share that she is tired of being single and is looking for a boyfriend.

The woman simply shared a couple of pictures of herself and made her request with the tweet that read “I need a boyfriend”

Her post received a lot of attention from fellow tweeter users.

Others questioned why such a “beautiful” lady was single, others took the chance to try and get a chance to get to know her, whilst others thought maybe the woman was just pranking them and was not seriously single.

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