I Haven’t Bathed Or Brushed My Teeth For 3 Years – Drug Addict Confesses.

A 47-year-old man has made a startling admission to media about how his drug addiction has prevented him from achieving his lifelong aim of being a great businessman.

Bernard Tuffour, who now relies on the kindness of people of Kumasi to support him, admitted that he is addicted to smoking marijuana, or “Wee,” but stunned reporters by saying that it has been more than three years since he last showered and brushed his teeth.

“I don’t remember the last time I bathed because I don’t have a sponge, soap and towel and even if I have them I don’t have any place to take my bath,” Bernard Tuffour said

He claimed that he hasn’t been in a good shape in life after he got on drugs. “Life has not been normal again since I became addicted to drugs because what a normal person cannot do is what we do to feel happy”

“Can you believe that for 3 years I haven’t brushed my teeth but I don’t feel anything when eating? Not that I don’t want to bath or brush my teeth but I don’t have money to buy brush and paste and pay 2 cedis just to bath” he explained.

“I  load Trotro to get money to survive. Sometimes I get 20 cedis and that is the highest but I will spend at least 15 cedis on drugs and 4 cedis on food and 1 cedi for toilet” he added.

Bernard Tuffour who has been addicted to drugs for 31 years explained “We have some people who have not bathed for 10 years because the money that they will use to buy sponge, Soap and towel to bath, they will use that money to buy drugs and enjoy their feelings”

“Seriously I have regretted allowing myself to be influenced by friends because I’m going through a lot. Sometimes I asked myself if my mother saved me in her womb for 9 months because life has become miserable for me” he lamented.

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