I have slept with only 700 men and 27 Celebrities – Abena Ghanabah

A 22 year old social media nudist has made what can be described as the biggest declaration as she reveals her sex life.

The young girl popularly called Abena Ghanabah on social media has stated that she has slept with not less than 700 men and 27 Celebrities in the country, Ghana and that has got social media talking all day.

She revealed that she started sleeping with men at the age of 14 and the first person was a 56-year-old headmaster while staying at a boarding house during her secondary school days. She said the Headmaster promised that he’ll take care of her.

Speaking on her experience in breaking her virginity, Abena said it was very painful but the rest of her experiences became sweeter and sweeter.

The unperturbed lady further disclosed that she decided to go public with the names of the Ghanaian celebrities she slept with because they refused to give her what they promised her.

Abena also said she has rejected several romantic affairs with some lesbians in the Ghanaian movie industry.

She revealed all these in an aggressive interview with actor Kwaku Manu on KWAKU MANU TV. Abena added that, we came to this world naked and naked we’ll soon go so she doesn’t see anything wrong with her exposing her body.

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