“I have Seen God” – Meet The Rwandan Boy Who Was in a Coma for 12 Years

The first words that came forth from the mouth of a little boy who have spent so many years in a coma were “I have seen God.”

This boy was born like everyone else in a remote village in Rwanda, with all of his body’s organs and cells functioning regularly and normally.

However, something strange happened that is so rare among us, something so strange that had kept traces that might never be erased for the rest of his life.

According to this little boy’s mother, the little boy was hit by a great life-threatening condition when he was 1-year-old. At that particular time, she was scared so much, and she will even shout every time she opened the door to see the little boy.

Constantly, the condition of this little boy got worse to the extent that the little boy lost every session of his body. All the nerves stopped, so many cells die, and he was unable to do anything has he went into a coma.

When his mother noticed all this condition, she was troubled and went back to her village to seek help from native doctors and to understand why the situation was so terrible and severe

After several attempts made by his parents to heal him of his health challenges failed, and all the treatments that the doctors gave him were useless. Not quite long from their last checkup, the doctor diagnoses this little boy, and it was seen that he had developed an unusual Disorder that caused him to remain in a coma. Surprisingly, this little boy has Been sleeping in a coma for 12 years without speaking or doing anything at all. His mother made it known that the best thing the little boy knows is how to breathe.

After 12 years, this boy made a speech, and what he said was: “I have seen God” and nothing else than that

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