I have had 26 abortions and slept with 105 men-women share her own story.

A 34-year-old Ghanaian woman, who prefers to stay anonymous, has shared the story of how she has had sex with a record 105 men and has undergone 26 abortion procedures.

Due to financial constraints, she resorted to sleeping with any man who came her way and proposed love to her so she could make money.

Speaking to Happy FM, she said: “I need help. I don’t know what pushes me to sleep with all those men. I have tried saying no a couple of times, but I always end up going back to them. And every time I get pregnant they all reject me and deny being responsible. I then have no choice than to abort the pregnancy.”
She revealed that she had her first abortion in 2003 and since then, she has found herself undergoing abortions each time she got pregnant until the 26th. “I now have three children with different men and they are in the village living with my mother.”

Talking about her most recent abortion, she said: “The last and most recent one I had was on the 18th December 2020. And it was after this one that I finally decided to stop living that kind of life.”

According to her, each time she remembers her past, the guilt of spilling the blood of 26 innocent children haunts her. And she feels remorseful.

She went on to say that: “At some point, I thought of committing suicide but I stopped every time I remembered my three children.”

She called on Ghanaians to help her because she feels ‘dirty’ for everything she has done and is sure that it is the cause of the instability and misfortune she has been facing.

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