I Get Lot of Customers On Sunday, I “Chop” Many Men On This Day After Church; Hookup Lady Boldly Reveals -WATCH VIDEO

A lot of young women are joining the hookup business day in and day out. To some ladies, they joined because of unemployment, while others also claimed a bad relationship with a man made them ended that way.

Others also say peer influence made them join the business. According to many ladies who are into the business, the business is risky as one can meet her untimely death, though they claimed it pays so well.

Earlier today, we have chanced on a video of one hookup lady who was interviewed by DJ Nyaamiof SV TV Africa rending on social media.

The lady in the interview revealed boldly that she has earned a lot in the hookup business. According to her, she has a lot of customers, but the day that he gets a lot of customers is on Sunday.

She revealed that on Sunday she gets a chanced to service a lot of men who are her customers. She added that though she needs money, but it is not every man she has an affair with.After this lady made the revelation in the video, a lot of people have reacted to it.

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