I Gave My Female Friend As A Gift To My Boyfriend Because His Pen!s Was Too Good – Lady Reveals and Causes Stir

Ghana’s outstanding female vocalist and award-winning songstress Efya Nocturnal took to social media to engage and interact with her audience.

She asked her female followers to share the most outrageous and crazy things they have ever done for their male partners because of their great display of dribbling skills in the romantic affairs department.

A lady by the name of Adyoa’s response to the singer’s question dropped a lot of jaws and earned her some praise from men on social media simply because she decided to grace her partner with her friend. In simple words, she shared her wonderful experience with her friend without being selfish or jealous.

In addition, she also gave her boyfriend a new experience and playmate something that’s very rare for an African lady to even entertain as a thought. Social media users referred to her as a wife material among many other accolades. Can you do what she did.

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