“I Don’t Mind Having More Kids” – Nigerian Man With 3 Wives And 18 Children Says

The enormous family of Mohammed Suleiman, a Nigerian man with three wives and 18 children who recently gained notoriety for having one, has startled many people once more.

Mohammed Suleiman recently admitted in an interview that he is okay with having more kids as long as he has a respectable profession that pays him real money.

“I Don’t Mind Having More Kids” – Nigerian Man With 3 Wives And 18 Children Says

In a recent interview with Punch, Mohammed Suleiman discussed his plans to have more children as well as how he manages the financial responsibilities that come with having several children.

He said:
“Actually, it is a tradition in my family for everyone to come together and take pictures, and I’ve been posting them on my page for years. If you follow my page, you’ll see them, but this year it became something else. I just discovered it is trending and has gone viral,

Before I got married, if they had given me a wife, I would have said they should divide me into two. This is because the way we were brought up, we constantly heard about the difficulty of taking care of a wife and the children, so it made me feel like having half a wife, not a full wife. That was my mentality then, but as I grew and understood the philosophy of life, I realised that all I needed was to strive and work hard to cater to their needs, and I could see a lot of opportunities to do that without even working in a collar job. I also see it as a means to cater to women because there are many of them without a husband. I now have three wives, and I’m hoping to marry another one in two months’ time.”

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