Husband Was Severely Beaten Up By His Wife In A Restaurant [Video]

Husband was severely beaten up by his wife

Husband was severely beaten up by his wife in a restaurant, which was really painful. South Africa is one of the countries where Gender Based Violence (GBV) is prevalent, and it may be the highest in the world.

Unfortunately, when we talk about gender-based violence, we usually think of women and children as victims, forgetting that males are also subjected to domestic violence by their wives and children.

We’ve always been taught that no amount of rage or argument can excuse abuse.

A video of a lady severely assaulting her husband at a restaurant is circulating on social media.
Because the video does not reveal how the event began, social media is now divided, with some people trying to come up with theories about what transpired.

The man appears to be helpless.

This is something we see a lot in our communities. We don’t speak up because it’s a case of female on male abuse. In our country, everyone has the right to feel safe and secure. Our genders need to be more considerate and respectful of one another.

Watch  video HERE; Husband was severely beaten up by his wife.

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