How To Make a Man Love You Forever – 10 Little Things to DO

I do know you want to grab yourself a cute sweet gentleman and you desire to win his love forever.

Securing a man love comes in different task which you need to work your way through.

Make him yours forever with these simple 10 handy tips.

Tip10. Be an ambitious woman

A man will hopelessly fall in love with a woman who wants to achieve success, wealth and a specific goal in life. He’s not only interested in the love you both are going to share but the empire you both are yet to build together.

Ladies, have you notice during a 1st chat or probably a first day out, many out of few men ask “what you do for living” ?
Well honestly, he wants to find out if you are goal oriented person or perhaps you playing around.

He needs a partner to ride life with, someone who has her life together or having one or more goal she wants to accomplish. Most men usually don’t go in for ladies who only interest in life is to party and have crazy fun.

Tip 9. Dress simple yet stylish

Looking all classy and simple doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear trendy expensive clothes. A man loves a simple outfit which brings the feminine touch of a woman. He will prefer that to a messy expensive look.

Get creative with your outfit !

Simply combine a good pop colors, accessories and comfortable pair of heels.

In addition, wear simple yet nice make up with no trace of drama. Also, apply a touch of good perfume smell, most men love that.

Tip 8. Speak softly and smile more

A genuine sweet smile compliment an outfit and make a girl look more adorable. Smile means love, goodness and happiness. Occasionally, a man will fall in love with a girl who smile or laugh easily.

Your beautiful smile will make his heart melt, feel more comfortable around you which is a good start to win his love.

Also, don’t be loud, always speak on a low soft tone and smile at him after you say something.

Tip 7. Be mysterious

Ladies, that’s magic in that !

Whiles we all like open, friendly and outgoing people, it seems that men in particular feel more attracted to girls who are mysterious.

Definitely, you will get excited on a first date night but don’t disclose much to him, trigger his curiosity, leave some mystery behind, let him keep wondering and guessing ” who’s this girl .. ” Be the reserved kind of girl.

The more mystery you leave behind, the more he wants to get close and know you better.

Tip 6. Be the witty kind of girl

Making a guy laugh is one of the best thing a girl can do to win his heart. Don’t be that pretty boring girl, be a mixture of cuteness and sarcasm. A girl who makes a guy giggle is an attractive, friendly and impeccable.

Show your excitement and don’t be afraid to laugh it loud. Let him know he can be himself by being yourself. Life with a witty kind of a girl is much more fun and stress free, reason why a guy will fall hard in love.

Tip 5. Show him care and respect

I know most girls enjoy being pampered and taken care of, same goes with men. Most wouldn’t admit but they really do love it. Showing a guy you love care will make him feel special.

Be willing to listen to his problem and offer him a good advice, cook his favorite meal and invite him over or plan a surprise night out and wear his favorite colors and perfume, he will feel like a king around his queen.

If you want him to love and keep you forever, learn how to respect him, especially around his circles.

Tip 4. Be confident yet humble

A guy will choose a girl who’s confident but humble at the same time. True humility isn’t about how you treat the people you love but how you treat others . Most men prefer a lady who’s submissive .

To win his love, treat his circles with love. Know when to say ” I’m sorry , please , thank you etc. ” , let him feel you are one of a kind, be open to learn anything new. Be that confident girl who isn’t arrogant !

Tip 3. Be a generous girl

Show your selfless side to win his love. A generous girl is a supportive one, she offers her time, energy, affection , compassion and love to make others happy .

Be the first person to congratulate and celebrate with him when he reaches a new milestone in life.

Shower him with endless love and meaningful gestures, such unique quality exhibited by you will come off irresistible  which can easily make him fall in love.

Tip2. Don’t be easily angered

Having a hot temper is a no !!

Showing a little anger when things doesn’t turn out well is fine. Learn not to easily get angry at every little thing he says or does.

He prefers to have someone who will give him a peace of mind and make him feel relaxed.

Anger isn’t even good for your health. A girl full of satisfaction and excitement is more luckily to win his love forever.

Tip 1. Have one or few male friends

As a lady, there’s nothing wrong with having male friends who you share common interest in.

Surprisingly, you will end up learning new great things from them which be beneficial to your relationship.

Moreover, having buddy’s make him feel you will surely adore his friends as well.

On a good point, he will feel jealous when he sees you happily around other guys, this will make him get more closer to you.

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