Horror As Video of Angry Men With Cutlasses Butchering Themselves in Mamobi/Nima Pops Up -WATCH VIDEO

Violence is never going to solve any problem, it is only going to end up extending the lifespan of the problem.

It is sad as to why anger blinds the eyes and minds of people, such that they do not think about what they do.

They only take actions and later pull up the card of regret when the damage they caused looks at them right in their faces.

This article is going to talk about a video depicting violence on the part of some angry young men. We do not know what initiated this whole cascade of reactions and hope to find out soon, but looking at the video, I do feel sorry for the victims.

I would like to leave the links to the video over here so you get to see for yourself.

Kindly note that viewer discretion is advised.

This whole issue happened in Mamobi around 5:00 this evening and it is very horrible. In the video you see some unidentified men fighting with knives as if it is a Hollywood movie. They are literally butchering themselves and you could hear screams all over the place.

At a point, another man had to come out holding a loaded gun and shooting his opposition. People had to run for their lives to avoid catching stray bullets.

The news reaching me is that, this entire thing is a fight between Nima boys and Mamobi boys. Why fight when you can settle it all peacefully? I do hope the Ghana police settles whatever problem they have peacefully, and also arrest people who need to be taken into custody.

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