Here’s What Really Happened According To Stonebwoy’s ‘Girl’ Aisha on the Stonebwoy and Angelo brouhaha.

Earlier on shared a story with you about Stonebwoy attacking Sarkodie’s manager, Angel Town at the venue for rehearsals of Sarkodie’s upcoming virtual concert.

An eyewitness on the ground, Aisha Modi who is very close to the BHIMNATION boss has narrated what really happened and why Stonebwoy lost his cool.

Others have mentioned that, Stonebwoy pulled a gun again during the rift and one of such people who said this is Ola Micheal, host of Entertainment Gh on Neat Fm 100.9.

Aisha who is seen as one of the people very close to Stonebwoy who was present, explaining what happened said Stonebwoy never pulled a gun because all his guns has been seized after his little drama at the 2019 VGMAs.

She has even decided to dash anyone who’ll bring a visual prove of Stonebwoy holding a gun $2000.

“Stonebwoy doesn’t have a gun. All his guns were seized after the Shatta Wale –VGMA incident,” she said.

Narrating the incident, Aisha elaborated that, Stonebwoy went to support Sarkodie for rehearsals in line with the former’s ‘Black Love’ virtual concert slated for this weekend.

She explained that when they got to the venue, they were prevented from parking at a particular spot by a Soldier, who insisted that nobody was allowed to park at that spot.

They were dismayed when they realized after some time that other artistes were allowed to park at the same spot where they were refused earlier.

Additionally, after they got to the venue, they were made to wait for close to 3 hours, and during that wait, they saw other acts come in and go, a situation that got Stonebwoy frazzled and angry.

According to her, she witnessed Stonebwoy and Angel get into a tense argument but didn’t any of the feuding parties pull a gun.

“Stonebwoy never pulled a gun,” she said.

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