Help Me!, Help Me!!:  Policewoman Begs Motorists As Man She Arrested Drives Her to Unknown Location -WATCH VIDEO

It would interest you and shock you to know that a Female Police Officer had to cry for her dear life after arresting a bad man.

The video after hitting social media, has become the topic of discussion on the information superhighways, thus, the internet.

In more details, reports have it that a Policewoman is captured on camera crying out for help inside the car of a man she reportedly arrested.

In a video making the rounds online, the man had threatened to drive her to an undisclosed destination and he seems to have been keeping to his threat which scared the officer.

As he was driving the policewoman, she tried to grab the steering from him but he fought her off, so she started begging other drivers to come to her aid.See also  Man narrates how a newly employed company driver started texting female executives about becoming their sugar boy

When someone asked what was wrong, she explained that he was driving her to a place she doesn’t know.

Another lady inside the same car could be heard shouting at her towards the end of the clip.

Click HERE to watch full video.

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