Girl Collapsed after 3 hours of “Chopping” with Boyfriend who’s still not Satisfied (video)

Boy unsatisfied even after his Girl collapsed after 3 hours of serious chopping

In a video making rounds on social media, a young lady was seen unconscious after almost 3 hours of s3x with her boyfriend.

According to the young man’s narration in the trending video, his girlfriend became unconscious after 10 rounds of s3x with her boy. The boy explained that his girlfriend asked him to take in some herbal male enhancement pills prior to the intercourse.

But it got to a level where the lady couldn’t continue the match hence leading to her collapse.

The boyfriend brought the lady out for help after she collapsed and his neighbors helped him in reviving her to gain consciousness.

From the look of things, the young man looked unsatisfied as he quickly took the girl inside to finish what they started.


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